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Welcome to the homepage for the AADE Mississippi Network! We encourage you to look around, join in MS-AADE statewide discussions, read our latest MS-AADE news, check out the MS-AADE calendar, view our document library and connect with MS-AADE local networking groups from the list below.

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Coordinating Body (click name to email)

CB Team Leader: Patricia "Mickey" Stuart, MPH, MS, CDE

Legislative Coordinators: Patricia "Mickey" Stuart, MPH, MS, CDE and Kathy Warwick, RD, LD, CDE

Reimbursement Subject Matter Expert: Amy Keywood, RD, LD, CDE

National Diabetes Prevention Program Subject Matter Experts: Amy Keywood, RD, LD, CDE (master trainer) and Patricia "Mickey" Stuart, MPH, MS, CDE

National Diabetes and Obesity Research Center: Deborah Colby, RD, LD, CDE

Education Programming Coordinator: Rachelle Hackney, CDE, MSN, CHN, RN

Mississippi Blog

Cultivating ground for change: How to develop sustainable partnerships with your patients

Cultivating ground for change: How to develop sustainable partnerships with your patients

“The serious and chronic nature of diabetes, the complexity of its management, and the multiple daily self-care decisions that diabetes requires mean that being adherent to a predetermined care program is generally not adequate over the course of a person’s life with diabetes.” 1

Educating Providers on Diabetes Management

Educating Providers on Diabetes Management

How ready are we, as diabetes educators, to take on the job of educating uninformed providers who aren’t easy to work with?

I’m pretty sure every diabetes educator I’ve talked to, at some point in her career, has had to deal with this type of provider.

Mark Walsh's Diabetes Camp Midicha Volunteer Experience

Mark Walsh's Diabetes Camp Midicha Volunteer Experience

Camp Midicha is the largest ADA camp serving over 500 campers during the last two weeks of June. Volunteering for Midicha is a one week commitment that starts on a Saturday and ends the following Friday. The rewards of being able to touch the lives of these children living with T1D is priceless.

Local Networking Groups

Mississippi LNG

Mississippi LNG

Local networking opportunities, focusing on members from Mississippi & surrounding areas. ALL AADE members and visitors are welcome!


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