Local Networking Groups -Be part of the expansion!

The State of California Governing Board wants to share exciting news with our membership. The state membership is enthusiastically increasing. We have 12 active LNGs (Local Networking Groups) that are meeting throughout California and representing the importance of Diabetes education, research, and patient care and advocacy. Each LNG covers specific geographical areas of the state. This year alone we have grown from 9 to 12 area LNGs. 

We encourage all California AADE members to seek out their local area LNG groups and become an active member. For new members to the AADE groups, introduce yourself on the New Member Forum on the AADE webpage. For LNG meeting reports, we encourage the group to submit to your event calendars what exciting meeting plans you have.

Please continue to reach out to your colleagues in your areas to become part of your LNG. This is the best way to network and share ideas for your practice.

Thank-you on behalf of the Governing Board for your participation and efforts. 

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