October blog is posted! Great topic on advocacy and "Prevent Diabetes STAT: South Carolina"

Prevent Diabetes
STAT: South Carolina

 I just wanted to take a moment to focus on the
advocacy efforts that our going on currently in our region. There has been a
movement spear-headed by DHEC to promote expansion of the CDC’c
National Diabetic Prevention Program. I am excited to report that stake-holders
throughout our state including representatives from the government,
universities, state programs, the American Medical Association, major health
care and community organizations have joined together to form an advisory
council to “Prevent Diabetes STAT” in the state of South Carolina. According to
the CDC (2015) 86 million people have prediabetes, the top 10% of our nation in
South Carolina.

We can
make a difference. One of tasks of the council is to engage insurance companies
and employers to provide coverage for diabetes prevention. If we can promote
coverage by sharing personal and professional stories with your insurance
providers and employers as well as government officials in your area, it will
fuel the initiative.  Any ideas to
support our quest for coverage are greatly appreciated.

are many different forms of advocacy: self-advocacy, patient-advocacy,
community advocacy, issue advocacy, and advocacy for policy. This is a fun test
to determine what kind of person you are who can inspire change. Attached is
the link http://voices.mckinseyonsociety.com/what-kind-of-social-advocate-are-you/. Feel free to take the test
and use your skills to support the prevention of diabetes in our state!



Retrieved from: October 23, 2015 Division
of Diabetes Translation

Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

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October blog is posted! Great topic on advocacy and "Prevent Diabetes STAT: South Carolina"