The Rewards of Finding Time By Elizabeth Stokes RN CDE

The Rewards of Finding Time

Sometimes it’s difficult to meet the challenges of our day-
to-day job requirements and still find time to plan and execute community
events.  We often have wonderful ideas
and intentions, but when you are part of a small or one-person staff, and
resources are scarce or non-existent, even the best of intentions will succumb
to the realities of time and energy constraints.

 In September of last
year, I was asked to speak at a local Lions Club breakfast, providing an
overview of diabetes prevention and as well as resources and services for those
already diagnosed. Unbeknownst to me, the group was so shocked at the data I
had provided on the CDC’s prediction of future prevalence, that they began
making plans to find a way to raise community awareness.

Thus was born the First Annual Liberty Lions Club Diabetes
Walk, which will be occurring on Diabetes Alert Day -March 22nd. Our diabetes
education program as well as members of our local diabetes support group were
invited to participate and will be joining the Saturday morning event, which
will consist of a 1-mile walk, as well as sponsors  supplying information and resources on
diabetes. T-shirts will be sold for those that wish to purchase, and there is a
nominal fee for individual and team participation.

Isn’t it a wonderful blessing when a group of enthusiastic
people take the ball and run with it? This event is more than I could have
dreamed or ever planned, and yet, it began with a 7AM breakfast I wasn’t even
sure I had the time or conviction to attend.


What will you do for Diabetes Alert day? And have you
considered partnering with a local organization? Will you share what you are
doing to mark this special day?

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The Rewards of Finding Time By Elizabeth Stokes RN CDE

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