Notes from Midlands LNG Meeting 4/17/2018

Stacie McIntyre, leader of Midlands LNG welcomed members of AADE and also guests from South University and USC Pharmacy programs to the meeting.  We had 34 in attendance.


-         Discussion about the structure of AADE and Local Networking Group (LNG).  Information was provided on each table about the Value and Benefits of joining AADE.  Each State or Coordinating Body (CB) receives $20 for each AADE member or renewal.  That money is allocated to each LNG or region for which that member participates.  There are 3 LNG’s in SC (Upstate/Greenville, Midlands/Columbia, Lowcountry/Charleston).


-         Get involved!  It is the time of year to change leadership.  There are many ways to get involved:


  1. Quick tasks: Blog commenter, eGroup discussion postings


      2. Short Task: Annual meeting speaker, Blog writer,


      3. Year Long: CB Team Leader or Team Member, CB Finance Team Leader, LNG Coordinator



-         An interest and feedback survey was sent 4/19/18 to all current members of AADE




-         Carolyn Bethea, Membership Chair for AADE CB of SC highlighted resources available to AADE members




-         Carolyn Bethea, Medical Liaison for Novo Nordisk gave clinical overview of 2 new products:

  1. Ozempic (semaglutide injection): GLP-1 receptor agonist 2. FIASP (insulin aspart) : rapid acting human insulin analog


There was time for networking throughout the evening. Meeting was adjourned.



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Notes from Midlands LNG Meeting 4/17/2018

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