Highlights of CB Leadership Program 2018

Can you believe that it is already one month into 2018?! I am excited to share a few highlights of my recent attendance at the AADE 2018 Coordinating Bodies (CB) Leadership Program in Chicago earlier this month.

All of the content presented was informative, engaging, and most of all inspiring!

The opening presentation by Donna Ryan 2018 AADE President and Chuck Macfarlane, AADE/CEO on “AADE’s Goals for Today and Tomorrow” discussed the focus for the year ahead including current practices, new models of health care and diabetes education, advances in technology and diabetes education, as well as a focus population health. (they filmed this presentation, and I believe it will be available somewhere on the website)

We also heard about the 2018 Content Priorities which include: Hypoglycemia, Diabetes and CVD, Obesity, Pediatrics, and Diversity.

The keynote speaker, Marcie Stern, presented “The Art of Delegation and Inspiration: Building a Volunteer Team” and asked us to identify some qualities of great leaders, learn how to delegate and take action. She encouraged us to find out what inspires us, what brings us joy and motivation so we can continue to share our AADE story.

Some other interesting topics: Project management tips for successful CB/LNG activities, tools to reach out to new members, keeping LNG’s engaged, planning an online strategy, managing CB finances, strategic content planning for CB, and advocating for the future of diabetes education…

They also introduced AADE’s upcoming new technology platform called DANA- Diabetes Advanced Network Access, check it out here:   https://www.diabeteseducator.org/dana

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