Texas Transitions to MyAADENetwork

Texas Transitions to MyAADENetwork

This has been a year of change in AADE.  That change has likely affected you, your local colleagues and your local AADE chapter.  Fortunately for Texas, we have several dedicated AADE members who are striving to keep up with the change and navigate the new system so that we can have a strong state networking system with vibrant local groups.  As diabetes educators, it is imperative that we stay connected with our peers locally, statewide and nationally.  Together, we can learn from each other and improve our skills and outcomes for those we serve.  MyAADENetwork is designed to help us stay connected locally and on a larger scale.  But, it will take some effort and patience to evolve with the new system.

Introducing the State Coordinating Body

Currently, we have 9 members on the State Coordinating Body (CB) - two representatives from each of the four Local Networking Groups (LNGs) and 1 member-at-large.   We plan to add more members-at-large to represent areas of the state without an LNG.  The CB is charged with the tasks of creating a few operating rules and supporting the LNGs.  The Texas CB has met 3 times via conference call and once in person.  The members are listed below along with their leadership role.

LNG                                      Member                      Leadership Role 

Greater East Texas                 Ethel Ballenger           Membership

Greater East Texas                 Rhonda Phillips           Technology - Marketing

Central Texas Bluebonnet        Susan Zatopek            Education

Central Texas Bluebonnet        Sandi Spicer-Moore     Technology - Website

South East Texas                   Jennifer Naples            Membership

South East Texas                   Heather Ktendis           Finance

North Texas                            PJ Pugh                     Chair

North Texas                           Neva Poole

Member at Large                    Maurilia Rodriguez


One of the major tasks has been to create our Texas Coordinating Body Policy.  It is up to each state to design their own set of rules (with suggestions from AADE) to replace the by-laws that once steered the chapters.  The written policies will be less structured and give more fluidity to the operations of the LNGs.  We have had good discussions and are close to completing the document to submit to AADE.   Once that happens, we will post a copy on the State Networking home page.

Introducing the Entity Formerly Known as Your Local Chapter

Currently, Texas has four Local Networking Groups.  They include, Central Texas Bluebonnet LNG, Greater East Texas LNG, North Texas LNG and Southeast Texas LNG.  With the new AADE format, the LNGs have more structural flexibility.  The purpose of the LNG is to provide CE opportunities and facilitate professional networking.  Membership and financial transactions are conducted through the CB and AADE. 

The CB recognizes that in our large state, it is often difficult to travel to Houston, Austin, Dallas or East Texas for networking and CEs.  The reason why we only have four LNG’s  is because these were the existing chapters who voted to transition to MyAADEnetwork.  It is possible to create more LNGs  in the future.  California, for example, has 11 LNGs.  For now, we have included Members-At-Large in our CB to represent areas without LNGs.  However, if there are areas of the state with enough members who desire more organized local networking and are willing to volunteer to lead the effort, new LNG’s can be formed.

What’s Next?

Soon the CB will be submitting our Texas CB Policy to AADE.  In the meantime, the current LNG’s are working to ensure there is some leadership at the local level to organize meetings and facilitate networking opportunities.

Our best method for communication is www.myaadenetwork.org.  Be sure to join the Texas State Discussion Group and the discussion group of your LNG and visit the website regularly for news and announcements.   Members (this means you) are able to start discussion topics on these forums.  Please feel free to use the forums for diabetes-related questions, news or discussions.  The more we all use MyAADEnetwork, the more we will gain from the new format.


That’s all for now.   See you on the forums.


Sandi  Spicer-Moore, RD, LD, CDE, BC-ADM

Austin, Texas

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I like the new transition

August 11, 2015 03:31 PM by Mrs. Tabitha Lenox, LD,RD

Thank you for transition information. We look forward to seeing you all on the forums. 

Tabitha Lenox, M.S., R.D., L.D.

I'm glad the CB is progressive.

February 19, 2016 07:59 AM by Ms. Cynthia Roberts, RN, MSN

Thank you for this information.  I am in College Station, TX. We do not have a LNG and I go to Austin for meetings as much as I can. 

Cynthia Roberts, MSN, RN

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