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The Texas Coordinating Board held the in person meeting Saturday June 16th in Round Rock, Texas.  Many of us met in person for the first time.  I brought everyone an AADE shirt so we would match in the picture. 

One of the issues discussed was starting a blog for our CB.  Since I am already a blogger for AADE, I volunteered to write a blog about writing a blog for our CB.  I started by reading John Tyler’s article in the June 2012 Volunteer Leader Newsletter “Which is Which: Announcements, Discussions, and Blogs”.  I thought to myself it would be no problem since I have learned to post announcements and discussions on My AADE Network.  I soon realized I did not have options to load a blog or upload pictures.  I thought I had navigated the site as much as anyone could but I was surprised to find more links.

John Tyler emailed me the steps on how to create a blog on My AADE Network.  If you can read this under the blog section, then I guess I succeeded at writing the first Texas CB blog in My AADE Network.

Top row left to right: Rhonda Phillips, Elisa Herrera, Iris Sanchez

Bottom row left to right: Ginny Ives, Patricia Pugh, Ardis Reed


TX Blog

June 25, 2012 07:35 PM by Patricia Pugh, MS,RN,CDE

Iris, thank you for taking the initiative to get our TX blog going. Thanks again for the t-shirts!  I look forward to reading comments from this post.

starting a blog

August 28, 2012 12:37 AM by Mrs. Pamela Jurlina, RN,CDE


If you would send me a copy of those steps, I might trystarting a blog for North Texas LNG.

Pam Jurlina, RN, CDE-email- pamela.jurlina@hcahealthcare.com 

New Member

November 13, 2016 09:21 AM by Ms. Linda Sifuentes

Hello AADEs, 

My name is Linda Sifuentes a new member of AADE from the Austin,TX. I have 17 years experience working as a nurse in Texas and proud of it.  Currently, I work as an emergency nurse and clinic health coach nurse at a geriatric practice.  In addition, I am pursing my nurse practitioner. I have the priviledge of working with a large Hispanic population who have diabetes. It is a challenge but an over all blessing to make a difference one patient at a time.   I have enjoyed reading your website. I look forward to learning about all your resources available and connecting with local members. 


Linda Sifuentes

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