Writing for Health

Writing in various forms is health supportive.   I have used writing in many ways- blogs, journal writing, poetry, and scientific results to name a few.  In providing health for others, we are taught to encompass physical, emotional and spiritual areas of health.  Journal writing can be helpful in diabetes management.  We teach logging numbers, and numbers analysis.  The little notes "journaled" in the column are often insightful into the number fluctuations.   Journal writing can reduce stress, be used for gratitude, and for ordering our future.  

On May 4, 2017 at 1800 the NEWADE team will explore the impact of writing on health. One avenue of writing "poetry" will be explored. Face it, life is experienced, and sometimes feelings hang on.  We can journal our thoughts about the experience, or we can take the words used to describe the experience and transform it into a new form (poetry), hence possibly increasing understanding, or finding new meaning.  Experiences, good and bad can be altered through words; parts can be minimized, or amplified.  The results of exploring new meaning helps in finding solutions to problems.  It can also lead to fresh thoughts, and a new set of "words" that make a new meaning.  Through this process, stress is altered. Lower stress is immune supportive.  As one 11 year old said, "I can put my stress on paper, crinkle it up and throw it away if I choose".

If you are in the Appleton area, we invite you to join us.  If you have used writing as a provider of care, or for your patients, feel free to share your ideas.

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Writing for Health