Communities of Interest (COIs)

Communities of Interest

COIs facilitate the professional development and collaboration of AADE members with common interest in specialized areas and functions of diabetes self-management education and training. The community does not deliver “products,” but rather is focused on knowledge management.

Latest Discussions in COIs

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Advanced Practice


Information sharing and networking opportunities for professionals working in or concerned with advanced practice issues.

Complications & Care


Information sharing for professionals interested in diabetes-related health complications/promoting health using principles of complementary medicine.

Cultural Diversity


Improving the quality of life for diverse cultural populations living with diabetes by increasing cultural awareness & offering guidance to members who provide diabetes care to diverse populations.

Diabetes Educators in Industry


Provides a place for information sharing in order to bridge the gap in the perceptions and realities of the role of diabetes educators in industry positions.

Diabetes Prevention


Connects diabetes educators who provide prevention services and those who are interested in learning about how to implement such services.

Diabetes Technology


A place to discuss and learn about technological advances in diabetes.



Ensuring that people with disabilities have full access to all components of diabetes education and to offer guidance to healthcare professionals who provide care to people with disabilities.

Home Health Care


Provides a forum and networking opportunities for members to exchange ideas pertaining to the ongoing development and changes within the home health setting.

Inpatient Management


Provides a forum for members to share and exchange ideas pertaining to the ongoing development and changes within the hospital setting.

Office & Clinic Based


Provides a forum and networking opportunities for members working in a physician's office or clinic.

Pediatric & Camp Educator


Offers information sharing and networking opportunities for professionals working with pediatric patients, and those working in diabetes camps.



Provides discussion pertaining to the ongoing development in a pharmacy-type environments: community, hospital, long-term care, consultant, faculty, and specialty practice clinic.

Physical Activity


Offers information sharing for members interested in promoting physical activity’s function in prevention, and as a treatment of choice within diabetes education.

Plant Based Nutrition


A resource for diabetes educators wanting to learn about this therapeutic diet and implement it into their practice.

Post Career


Offers information sharing and networking opportunities to members who are retired or soon to be retired.

Pregnancy / Reproductive Health


Offers information sharing and networking opportunities for professionals interested in gestational diabetes and related health issues.

Public Health


Offers networking opportunities for members working in or affiliated with the public health setting.

Veterans Affairs/Dept. of Defense


Provides networking opportunities for members working in or affiliated with these two federal agencies.


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