Practice Area Discussion Groups

Practice Area Discussion Group

As part of the formation process for new Communities of Interest (COI), potential COIs start out as Practice Area Discussion Groups. By doing this first, AADE members have time to get the conversation and engagement of other members started, without having to focus on developing a leadership team or action plan.

Latest Discussions in Practice Area Discussion Groups

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Behavioral / Mental Health

Focuses on how patients with diabetes are impacted by behavioral and mental health issues; and gives practitioners a platform to exchange, present, and promote strategies for dealing with these issues.

Board Certified-Advanced Diabetes Management

Connects diabetes professionals across the country who have obtained this certification, and those looking to obtain the BC-ADM in the future.

Continuing Education Activity Planning

The CE Activity Planning Practice Area Discussion Group provides a place for members that are preparing for or currently planning a CE activity.

Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

Connects diabetes professionals across the country with an interest in the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Quality Coordinators

 A place for Quality Coordinators of DEAP programs to share ideas and support each other, as they all have to meet the standards to maintain accreditation and some have more experience than others.

Rural Populations and Educators

The Rural Populations and Educators Practice Area Discussion Group focuses on the complex mesh of social, economic, educational, and cultural factors that affect diabetes education practice, care, and treatment in the rural setting.

Young Adults with Diabetes

Connects educators interested in better supporting young adults with diabetes, enables sharing of best practices, and focuses on the needs and problems faced by this population.


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