The AADE is a multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care through education, management, and support.

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Coordinating Body for 2019 (click name to email)

CB Leader: Grace Akoh-Arrey 

Education Leader: Jessica Kirk

Finance Leader: Lynn Lanza

State Grassroots Coordinator: Ivy Radcliffe

Web Administrator: Maria Garcia 

CB Team Member: Katrina Dryer

CB Team Member: Virginia Boomershine


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Flagstaff job posting

Flagstaff job posting

Please find the posting for an exciting job opportunity here:

Language Matters

Language Matters

Whatever your feelings may be on the word “diabetic,” it is our responsibility as educators and leaders in the diabetes field to know the recommendations on language in diabetes and practice them. There is evidence to support these language changes - read it, know it, practice it.

Adulting with Diabetes

Adulting with Diabetes

The teen years are tough… without diabetes. Transitioning from the teen years to adulthood with diabetes is challenging, and both teens and parents have valid concerns. What are some strategies you've shared with your patients and their families to help them through this transition?

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Central Arizona LNG

Central Arizona LNG

Local networking opportunities, focusing on members from Phoenix & surrounding areas.

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