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Welcome to the homepage for the AADE Louisiana Network! We encourage you to look around, join in statewide discussions, read our latest news, check out our calendar, view our document library and connect with local networking groups from the list below.

Coordinating Body

Rose Wade, BSN, RNC, CDE - rwade@ejgh.org

Angela Cemo, MPH, LDN, RD, CDE - angcemo@gmail.com

Rosary Chetta, RN - rchetta@cox.net

Coletha Riley, RN MSN APRN CDE - coletha.riley@yahoo.com

Peggy Barrios, RN, CDE, peggy.barrios@stcchc.org

Terry Compton, APRN RN MSN CDE - terry.compton@selu.edu

Peggy Bourgeois, RN, MN, CDE, FAADE - peggyboo1@cox.net

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Find out more about AADE’s State Licensure Initiative

Find out more about AADE’s State Licensure Initiative

Have you heard about AADE’s state licensure initiative? We recently had a breakthrough and Kentucky is now the first state to require licenses for diabetes educators. State licensure has many benefits for the future of the profession. Learn more about the initiative by reading our Frequently Asked Q

Welcome AADE Members

Welcome AADE Members

Welcome AADE Members! Welcome to the Louisiana State Network!This community is dedicated to our AADE members.  It is place for members to support one another and work together.  We are promoting collaboration, openess, diversity and sustainablity.   Community!  You’ll be encouraged to participate in

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Local networking opportunities, focusing on members from New Orleans & surrounding areas.

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