Congratulations to the 2018 Kim Higgins Diabetes Educator of the Year Award Recipient: Guadalupe Bravo

Congratulations to Guadalupe Bravo, this year's Kim Higgins DEOTY recipient!




In a blog entry, included below, she describes her experiences at the 10th Annual CA AADE Meeting in Anaheim, CA:

I had the great opportunity to attend the 10th annual California AADE Conference in Anaheim. This is was very first time attending it and I learned so much, the speakers were all so knowledgeable and experts in their topics. It always amazes me how I always learn something new every time, I attend conferences like this.

On Thursday Kathy Love RD presented how diabetes distress, burnout and stress are so prevalent in children with T1D and presented the actions that can be taken to assist the family as a whole to make living with diabetes more tolerable. We never think about hearing and how it can be affected by diabetes but Dr. Wilson, Audiologist, presented the how this is highly correlated especially with person with retinopathy, wow! Gave us something to be on the lookout and need to asses, especially with all the other chronic disease present in these patients and all the medications they have to take that can be ototoxic. Martha Quintana, RN, gave us great information on how demonstrating empathy to our patients can be healing, through compassion, rapport, humility among other traits.

Friday continued with great speakers including misdiagnosis of diabetes, especially among T1D. Susan Weiner, RDN did a tremendous presentation on how children not being diagnosed in a timely fashion led to deaths of these children. Because of this parents became involved in legislation and policy to get initiatives that will get out the word out on recognizing Signs and symptoms of diabetes.

These were just a few of the first presentation. I could go through each one of them and stress the take home points I learned but the variety of subjects was great. There were presentations on T1D and the research being done on delaying it, cooking demonstration, pregnancy and diabetes, and advocacy among other.

The coordinating committee did a tremendous job in organizing the event and one of the speaker even said that California AADE always put one of the best conferences he had seen! Big applause to all committee members involved in the planning.

The location was perfect and the food was great. It is well worth the 2 1/2 days spent in the conference. And lastly having received the Kim Higgins California Diabetes Educator of the Year award was such a big honor and I feel very humbled to have received. I am sure many of my diabetes educator colleagues are well deserving of this award also.

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