Upcoming 2019 - California on the Move

Good things don't happen without effort. When we talk to patients about making positive changes in their lives we include the time, planning, tools and effort it will take to plan, implement and sustain the change. Unlike gravity, that is energy that pulls a body to rest, the energy we expend creating change in our lives, relationships and our environment is something we have to continually exert. Positive results take constant work and usually the greater the effort the greater the reward. 

What are some of the things in our lives that we value- family, friends, personal space, faith, avocation, education? Nothing we value has much worth without putting something into it - time, money, attention, etc. All of these resources are limited. Maintaining a balance is certainly important and effort needs to shift from time-to-time depending on circumstances in our lives.  

Our AADE and other professional associations are no different. Education tools, resources, continuing education programs, networking events all take time, money and attention. Please consider opportunities to support your association on a local, state and/or national level. Commitments could be short, specific tasks or perhaps leadership positions that are usually one to two year obligations. Invite friends and colleagues to also participate to make it a much more rewarding and fun experience. 


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