What is Happening with the Kentucky Coordinating Body?

This post is to introduce you to the Kentucky Coordinating Body.  I recently joined them as the representative from the Kentucky Diabetes Network, and am blogging for them.  Our coordinating body is made up of 4 Local Networking Groups.  DECA, Diabetes Educators of the Cincinnati Area, they have an Ad-hoc member since their LNG is considered Ohio, GLADE, Greater Louisville Association of Diabetes Educators, KADE, Kentucky Association of Diabetes Educators, and TRADE, Tri-state Association of Diabetes Educators.   Each of these groups are a powerhouse of talent and knowledge, they bring experience, representation, and ideas to the Coordinating Body.

The Coordinating Body has made great strides in becoming an established group.  They have done strategic planning, elected leaders, and developed policies.  This group has grown advocacy outreach and efforts.  Keeping the Local Networking Groups up on the latest diabetes bills and laws being proposed.  They have begun outreach to other organizations to develop partnerships and working relationships.  Through these efforts the Kentucky Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will be partnering with them for Diabetes Day at the Capital.  The Coordinating Body continues to involve new members and increase in accomplishments.

This group is a passionate collection of individuals representing Kentucky as a whole.  They are involved in the statewide, Annual Diabetes Expo, they have representatives at the state coalition, Kentucky Diabetes Network, and stay engaged with their Local Networking Group.  I am honored to be a part of this group. 

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