Welcome AADE Members

Welcome AADE Members!

Welcome to the Maine State Network!

This community is dedicated to our AADE members.  It is place for members to support one another and work together.  We are promoting collaboration, openess, diversity and sustainablity.  

Community!  You’ll be encouraged to participate in, contribute to, and create a support network with those who share common interests and objectives.

Collaboration! You’ll work together sharing ideas, solutions and resources. When someone needs help, we’ll all pitch in and help.

Openness!  You’ll “drop in” and engage in conversations to discuss, challenge and question ideas in a an environment with your peers – in a space where creative and out-of-the-box thought leadership is always encouraged.

Diversity! We'll support each other at a state and local level, in order to, discusses  best practices, ideas, and perspetices. 

Sustainability!  You’ll find membership value here. Together, we’ll build a self-sufficient community. 

Sheryl Bouchard, President MeADE 

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Welcome AADE Members