See you at the fair! (AADE18)

It’s that time again when we can all visit the county fair. It’s a fun event where you can see all sorts of animals, taste different kinds of foods, play games, see unusual programs, and enjoy the carnival rides. Our family looks forward to it every year. Even though we have gone for years, decades even, we never miss it-we always see something new.

Everybody has their favorites-a must do event. For me, it is the homemaking displays. I love to see all the knitting, sewing, baking, and canning that other women find time to do. My kids love the rides and games of chance, even though it would be cheaper just to stop at the store and buy a teddy bear. My husband loves the food. He eats so much he groans, but then another weird food stand comes along and he just has to try it. Grandma loves the pig races (yes, that’s right-pig races).

Did you know that AADE has a fair? If you have never attended the national convention, I urge you to do so. You can attend four days’ worth of educational sessions and earn up to 32 CEU credits. Extra events offered include pharmaceutical and reimbursement boot camp. Here are over 100 exhibitors on display. The exhibitor’s pretty much cover every topic related to diabetes that you come up with: pharmaceuticals, gadgets and technology, jewelry, portion control, and education tools….They even have games and prizes. Some people attend just to go to the exhibit hall! You can also network with thousands of other diabetes educators from every state and make new friends. 

Are you going to AADE18, August 17th in Baltimore? For more information visit  Hope to see you there, just don’t expect to see the deep-fried Oreo truck or the racing pigs!

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