Scholarships/Awards for Pennsylvania Educators

Hello PA Diabetes Educators


Do you know there are scholarships/awards available in PA?    I am excited to share there are 3 this year!!!  Please take the time to look them over and if interested apply or show other members and encourage them to apply. I have attached links to all three in this blog. Just "click" and go. You'll also find this information on our state page. (Details below)


First is the PA 2019 Annual Meeting Registration Scholarship. The chosen candidate will receive complementary registration to attend the AADE19 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Houston, Texas.  Applications demonstrating thoughtful, detailed responses, particularly pertaining to the financial need and population served statement, tend to yield more favorable results. So, if that applies to you……polish up your Cowboy boots and get that application filled out. The application will be available on the website and should be submitted no later than April 1st


The second scholarship is for Students.  The coordinating body of the AADE in Pennsylvania has made available opportunity for 50 students across Pennsylvania to apply for a one-year student membership to AADE. If you know of any students that maybe interested in pursuing a career in diabetes education, please have them look over the criteria and submit for review.  No deadline. Can apply at any time.


The third is an award and is NEW for us this year.  It is the PA Diabetes Educator of the Year.   We all know someone who is Awesome at what they do and it maybe you!  You can nominate yourself or someone else.  This is a great opportunity for someone to be recognized for their contributions to not only our organization but to our Profession.   The question Survey is where you want to go to fill out the information and apply.  Submit no later than  April 1st


All scholarship/award information/applications will be on our PA AADE State page in the Coordinating Body 2019 section. Look for: Scholarship Lead: Lisa Lakeman (last one listed). Scholarship/Award Links are under her name.   Please send all completed scholarships to Lisa Lakeman at

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