Healthcare Reform Update - Momentum Building for another ACA Repeal Attempt

From: Ashley Urisman [] Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 5:26 PM Subject: Healthcare Reform Update - Momentum Building for another ACA Repeal Attempt


Dear AADE Advocate:

A bill in the U.S. Senate to reform healthcare is supposedly gaining momentum and could be voted on as early as Monday. The legislation which is being spearheaded by Senators Graham and Cassidy would include some of the following provisions, in part:

  • Scraps Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual and employer mandates;
  • Eliminates insurance subsidies provided through the Affordable Care Act to about 8 million consumers who earn too much to qualify for the Medicaid program;
  • Eliminates ACA funding for Medicaid expansion which 31 states use to provide coverage;
  • sends states a fixed amount of money per Medicaid enrollee, known as a per-capita cap, starting in 2020;

States could also opt to receive federal Medicaid funding as a block grant for the non-disabled adults and children in their program. Under a block grant, states would get a fixed amount of federal funding each year, regardless of how many participants are in the program.

States, however, cannot opt to receive block grant funding for elderly and disabled participants;

  • Permit states to institute work requirements for Medicaid;
  • Waive ACA protections for those with pre-existing conditions. The legislation would allow insurance carriers to charge enrollees more based on their medical history, and;
  • Eliminates ACA essential benefit provisions.

As has happened all Spring and Summer, Governors are expressing their opposition again to the changes being proposed in the legislation.  Here is a letter from 10 governors which was sent to Senate leaders McConnell and Schumer.

AADE hopes the Senate will carefully consider the impact that this legislation will have on the millions of people who have or are at risk for getting diabetes and that, rather than diminishing care, they will pass legislation that will:

  • maintain and build on the health-care access gains achieved in the last eight years. 
  • ensure affordability, particularly for people with chronic diseases like diabetes who are considered “high utilizers” of health care.
  • support high-quality care and guarantee coverage of a comprehensive set of essential health services which people with diabetes require to manage their disease

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Ashley B. Urisman

Advocacy & External Affairs Coordinator

American Association of Diabetes Educators

200 W Madison, Suite 800

Chicago, IL 60606 (312) 601-4865 (Direct) | Follow us:       


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Healthcare Reform Update - Momentum Building for another ACA Repeal Attempt
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