A new model for enhancing the way we connect and affiliate with one another On August 2nd My AADE Network will be launched. This feature will allow you to more fully engaged in topics that are meaningful to you. It will provide WADE members with an easy-to-access method of networking, mentoring, coaching and continuing education. My AADE Network will be used to quickly get the word out, to provide timely reminders of events and to build on events by sharing knowledge. Here is a short list of what My AADE Network will do: The News module enables you to post the latest news to share with other WADE members. You can submit a news story for approval, and read news that other users have posted. You can subscribe to forum topics. Forums are two-way communication lists, enabling you to ask questions of other WADE members. They are a great way to encourage discussion and communication between members. Create and participate in blogs. Use your blog express your views, share best practices, or demonstrate your knowledge on a particular topic. Create your own page. You will have the option of customizing the page to add your personal flair. You may add a YouTube video, slideshows, post an article and much more. You DO need to be an AADE member to have access to the full My AADE Network; however, non-AADE local members will be able to view upcoming events and programs such as the WADE annual conference. Find out more about My AADE Network at our website
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