The Diabetic Kidney

November 1, 2018
  0715-0755 Registration and continental breakfast
  0755-0800 Welcome and disclosures

Overview of diabetic nephropathy

Renal anatomy and physiology

Inset of kidney - renal involvement variations with different types of diabetes

Pathophysiology of renal disease - the effect of hypertension, hyperglycemia, and red meat on renal anatomy, physiology, and the glomerular filtration pressure

  1000-1030 Break and Visit Exhibitors

The 1% rule and the geriatric kidney

Stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on age and length of renal involvement in people with diabetes

Drugs that affect kidney function in people with diabetes (Part 1)

  1200-1300  Lunch and Visit Exhibitors

Drugs that affect kidney function (Part 2)

1430-1445 Break and Visit Exhibitors

Lab tests to diagnose early and late renal involvement in diabetic nephropathy

Dietary restrictions in patients with chronic renal disease

1545-1600 Summary
1600-1630 Update on ADA guidelines for medication management by Dr. Alan Parsa