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Be part of a new approach to diabetes care! Patient centricity is key, team work does it. Help us to empower people with diabetes by educating them about clinical trials as a valuable care option.  AMCR Institute is a worldwide renown state-of-the-art clinical research center focused on type 1, type 2 diabetes and obesity in Southern California. Our AMazing CRew is committed to providing superior service. We take pride in placing the care, safety, and confidentiality of our volunteers first.

We encourage YOU to contact us either via E-mail info@amcrinstitute.com or phone at 760.294.2676 with any questions.





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Companion Medical is a leader in the development of advanced technology to improve diabetes care.  InPen™ is the first and only FDA-cleared smart pen for insulin delivery. The InPen system includes a dose calculator, tracks insulin-on-board, offers insulin dose reminders, BGM/CGM integration, and contains sharable reports for healthcare providers.

Novo Nordisk, a global leader in diabetes care, has been committed to discovering and developing innovative medicines to help people with serious chronic conditions lead longer, healthier lives with fewer limitations. We’re working toward a future where fewer people get diabetes, everyone is diagnosed, and all patients receive adequate treatment.